So this year, we’ve had a Korean ferry sink, a Bangladeshi ferry sink, a plane go missing, a plane shot down, a train crash in Moscow, a train crash in France, an Ebola outbreak spanning several countries, an 8.2 earthquake in Chile, escalation of civil war in Iraq, Mt Fuji with a “high potential of erupting”, 2 coup attempts in Libya, a successful coup in Thailand, Boko Haram coming into international prominence. A disturbing array of public shootings. We also had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake at the capital region of the Philippines. Ukraine tipping into a civil war at this point. Oh, and the ISIS invasion of Northern Iraq joining the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts together. I think it is beginning to be referred to as the Levant war in some circles. And Israel’s invasion of Gaza which has recently commenced. All the catastrophic floods in several Balkan countries too. Anti-gay genocide in Uganda. Russia as well. A remote possibility of an independent Scotland… 2014 is a pretty active year… 2013 seemed a lot quieter.


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