#365day novel – Day 2

This is the 2nd day of my writing course exercises taken from the #365daynovel program, developed  by What Inspires Your Writing blog and the Dream, Play, Write! website owner Timothy Pike, as a virtual coach on budding or aspiring writers to better themselves in more ways than one, and at the end of this journey, you end up with a novel-sized work. If you haven’t checked him out yet, visit the website and his blog, they’re both pretty inspiring and tremendously helpful and insightful.

Anyway, about today’s exercises – I toyed a bit with the concepts but they were silly, so I pondered a bit more seriously. I tried making good premises with all of them, but I’m not sure all stand in equal or near equal height to each other, many are just – bad. Simply put.

In any case, here were the instructions:

For each scenario below, come up with three different premises that could be used to build a story. Try to stretch your story premises across a range of genres, including literary fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, romance, historical, humor, satire, children’s, and young adult.


  1. A cruise ship gets caught in a storm, veers off course, and then sinks far from the mainland, but many of the passengers survive and make it to a deserted island.

  2. A man and a woman are sitting across from each other at a small table in a dimly lit restaurant.

  3. A family watches as their cat gives birth to a litter of nine kittens.

  4. Moments after arriving home from a long and difficult day at work, a character is shocked when the police show up with an arrest warrant.

  5. In a mid-sized town, somebody is dressing in disguise and fighting crime–a real-life superhero or a masked vigilante?

And here’s what I came up with as a result:

1A – The deserted island then turns out is actually populated by extraterrestrial refugees from another planet who try to survive here until they can build up resources to go home, and by the time that happens the survivors of both species need to learn to co-exist;

1B – After a while the survivors on the deserted island descent into cult worship as one of their leaders starts to show maniacal and psychopathic tendencies, whereby people’s faith in humanity is put into question, and the limits of madness and depravity are tested;

1C – The island is deserted, but seems off in many ways and as if stuck in time, throwing the survivors in varied adventures and mysteries to be explored, some very dangerous though;

2A – Each give a try at a normal date after they help save the city from super-powered villains, being superheroes themselves in a world that is not so normal for most nowadays;

2B – Everything seems fine and normal, but only one of them goes home alive, since the other is a coldblooded killer looking for the next victim to butcher;

2C – Two people who despite the massive odds against them, their brutal histories, and their gloomy future, meet and decide that it’s better to face everything with somebody else as a support, and when it’s “us against the world, nothing else matters”;

3A – Though this is no ordinary cat, but part of familiar spirit animals, beings that increase the magic potency of magicians and witches, and this family has exactly nine members gifted with the Mystic Arts;

3B – A gift from a dying granny, beloved by most of the neighborhood, but quite close to the family who adopts her pregnant cat, weaving the family in a web of adventures and drama with the lead cast led by the nine kitties who arrive on this world;

3C – The cat is the only witness of the mysterious disappearance of an entire family living in the haunted house across the street, that – coincidentally, was part of an old litter given to other houses in the same city now all abandoned and considered haunted as well;

4A – Apparently he committed a murder, even though he was nowhere near the scene of the crime, a witness puts him there – is he really guilty or does he have an evil doppelganger? ;

4B – He only had a small party with some weed to smoke – how big of a deal is it!? ;

4C – The warrant asks the police to search the premises for any signs of terrorist activity, with looming threats against the US for quite a while and some threats realized in the last 4 years, the character is not shocked he is considered a prime suspect, he is Muslim, new to the US, follows the traditional ways, doesn’t condemn his brothers … how couldn’t he be the suspect? ;

5A – Though superheroes never leave a trail of bodies around in such an obvious manner – is this person a psychopath in disguise? ;

5B – The crime being trash thrown on the street, pets not relieving themselves at proper places, helping elderly people across the street and saving kitties from trees;

5C – The hooded figure is a rogue warrior that arrived in the town to seek vengeance for past crimes committed against the warrior’s loved ones by this town’s leaders;

A few have inspired me to develop them further into stories. We’ll see how it goes. For now I’d like to focus mainly on the novel creation in question, I can’t sidestep.


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