I’m part-time translator, part-time reviewer, part-time freelance writer, and a part-time lunatic. I was born on a cold October morning of 1988, in the Balkan Peninsula, the equivalent of the Wild Wild (American) West and basically, the slum of Europe. I’ve always read books that piqued my interests as far as I can remember, and as of age 16 I began to take my writing a bit more seriously, working on varied projects throughout the years but shelving them for private eyes only. With some friendly push as the necessary incentive, I started researching the literary world and the publishing industry, and after a few brushes with the traditional publishing networks in my country I decided I will go the self-publishing route, with emphasis on global reach, so I focused my research in that direction.

What you will find here on this blog will be: Rants, Critiques, Activism, Reviews, Writing Exercises and Practices, Fanfiction, Quotes by Real People, Quotes of Fictional Characters (Mine or Otherwise), Shameless Promotions of My Own Work,  More Promotions of My Work, Promotions for Other People’s Works, Praise of Other People’s Work, Personal Research, Philosophising,  Detail-saturated Character and Worldbuilding, Trivia, Miscellaneous Blurbs and Random Mental Farts.

I’m described variously by both people who know me and don’t know me as the following:


I’ll leave this mysteriously unexplained.

LGBT Supporter

I support all the colors of the LGBTIQ Rainbow. I firmly believe there are no valid reasons to hate or discriminate in any form this group of the population.


The favorite term by religious folks when it comes to my life, who I am, what I like, what I do, everything. I have moral and ethical guidelines, they just don’t match 100% with the heavy religious folks. I don’t mind, I love the sins they accuse me of committing.


Apparently I worship the Devil. I’m not sure how this impression formed with some. I’m the least likely guy you would say looks or behaves like a satanist.


I’d say agnostic, with heavy upgrade on atheism, but whatever. I can be an atheist if you want me to be. I ‘m cool with establishing any kind of relationships with religious folk, as long as we don’t shove each other’s beliefs down our throats. I’m weirdly friendly like that, unlike other atheists.

“Conspiracy Theorist”

This is also a “thing”. And apparently I’m the “thing”. Can never have enough labels, right?


A conclusion reached by those who haven’t discussed sociology with me lengthy and deeply enough to find the real label to smack me up with.


I guess its too much to detail your idea of freedom to some people. Usually that’s the result of minds imprisoned for far too long.


Meh, I guess? I hate chauvinists and sexists, so I guess that makes me the opposite?


Strange, I always thought of myself as open-minded conservative. Or, contemporary conservative? No, that makes no sense. Updated traditionalist? Nope, that’s even worse. I guess I’m a liberal then. A liberal with some hardcore conservative attitudes.


I’m a layman fan of science, technology, robotics, futurism, anthropology, and evolution. I guess if you smack everything together, you get a transhumanist in somebody’s frame of reasoning.


I care about people in varied ways. I can relate to others, so I’m called empathetic. I like to help others, so I’m called altruistic. I like to enjoy myself with others, so I’m called hedonistic. I like to put humans first before religious concepts, and together with everything else, I equate humanist. That’s what the good folk who know me well call me. For the rest I’m a satanist/communist.


The conclusion for my obsession with astronomy, cosmology, human nature and equality.


I like metaphysics. Maybe I am?


I use torrent sites. So what? Where’s my pirate ship!?

Urban Indian

Somehow, in our part of the world, Indian means what the rest of the world knows as Native American. Not sure how the people in India feel about this. I sincerely apologize to any reading this blog.  And yes, I’m some “urban” version of it. Go figure.

“Indigo/Indigo Child”

This is what I get for dipping toes in metaphysical and new age sites. Lovely people, great to hang out with, but sometimes bad judge of character. Or good one. I’ll leave you guessing.


I’m pro-marijuana, I like rock music (among 500 other genres and subgenres of it that I like), and I don’t like governments. The label, makes sense, right? …..Right?


Not sure why this comes up so often. I’m neither like this with music, nor clothes/appearance, nor …  anything really.

Animal Lover

I’m the unpopular hybrid of both a cat lover and dog lover, and all that animal kingdom out there. It irks some folks, so they use this label as “derogatory”. I somehow don’t find it as such.


My imagination tends to go deep and run wild. And so do visions of my own and the global future of the world. I lose track of sanity on these trips.


I like video games, board games, card games, comics, toys and collectables, fan of science (with some accent being cast on biology and astronomy) and of course, books. LOTSA books.


I do hug trees. When they aren’t dressed in gazillion bugs. I love bugs, fascinated by them actually, but I tend to fascinate from a chosen minimal distance from them with preferably no direct contact. But really, I love nature. Some think that’s weird.


I have an appreciation for any kind of art or design. So, I also have a special place in my heart for anthropomorphic characters. If you don’t hate them, you’re a “furry” too.  Okay, fine, I am. Please arrest me. Guilty as charged.

Some of these are true, some are not. Though if you have a problem with either label (true or not), we’re probably not going to get along. And if so, I would politely ask that you do not participate in opening or joining any potential discussions related or unrelated to these subjects where you’d state how you feel about me or the people like me. You would be wasting your time and I will delete your comments anyway, so you’d gain nothing.

So, you have been warned about the content type this blog will feature, and about the blog owner as well.  So, tread carefully at your own peril. Or .. You can extend a virtual handshake/hug and we can be buddies. Your choice. I’d prefer the latter myself!


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    1. Hahaha, thank you for the compliments!

      Yeah, I made a challenge for myself definitely! 😀 I’ll try to fit the bill


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